Why would you heat a bearing, to begin with?

The bearing rings can be temporarily expanded by heating the bearings to make mounting easier without using excessive force that might harm the bearings.

Ovens and hot plates offer clean and secure heating methods, but it takes a while for them to achieve increasing temperatures. To ensure seamless mounting, oil baths, ovens, and numerous hot plates also need additional manual temperature control.

Smart and simple heating . . .

But what if there was a faster and easier way to heat your bearings, allowing the bearing to attain its full operational life while lowering maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime?

SKF TWIM 15 induction bearing heater . . .

The SKF TWIM 15 bearing heater uses an induction heating plate to bring the bearing or component to the optimal temperature, which is typically 90° C hotter than the mounting shaft. Induction heating is the quickest, safest, and most convenient method for hot mounting. This method of optimising bearing temperature for mounting is cleaner, safer, and more portable.


Another option to look at …

SKF TMBH 5 portable bearing heater

The SKF TMBH 5 portable bearing heater is designed to heat up roller bearings that need to be mounted with an interference fit onto a shaft. The TMBH 5 generates a temperature difference between bearing and shaft – enough to enable installation. It can also be used to heat other ring-shaped metal components. A reduced power setting allows sensitive components to be heated more slowly.

They are light enough to be employed on-site in a variety of sectors.



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