Bolts and tightening system

In maintenance, time is money. However, if basic jobs such as bolt tightening are not carried out correctly, this can lead to failure in bolted assemblies. This can be avoided with our hydraulic tensioning systems, which apply precise tightening forces to bolts. They apply high force without torsional stress or friction, but with high precision and repeatability. Hydraulic tensioners are available for everything from standard bolts to special applications.

Tightening systems are widely used, in areas as diverse as steam turbines and ship propellers. We have special products for both applications. In steam turbines, our Cold Tight systems reduce the downtime each time a steam turbine is opened or closed. It avoids the need for long cool-down periods. Similarly, applying our oil-injection method to hydraulic rings and propeller nuts simplifies and speeds up the mounting and dismounting of propellers from shafts.

We’ve also developed our Supergrip range of bolts, which are easy to install and remove. They are used to connect rotating flange couplings.

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