99181 (CR99181)

SKF Speedi-Sleeve (Wear sleeve) (Shaft Repair)
Restore worn shafts quickly and economically

For worn or damaged shafts, SKF Speedi-Sleeve offers an alternative to costly repairs. This SKF-developed thin-walled sleeve is easily positioned over the relevant portion of the shaft to offer an optimal smooth counterface for radial shaft seals. Applying SKF Speedi-Sleeve can eliminate the need for expensive shaft treatments like as machining, hardening, plunge grinding, or disassembly. SKF Speedi-Sleeve Gold is an improved version of the conventional SKF Speedi-Sleeve, with better resistance to abrasive wear.

  • Optimized countersurface
  • Cost effective
  • Well-proven solution
Shaft diameter d 46.05mm
Shaft diameter range d1 45.95mm to 46.1mm
Removable flange outside diameter 53.09mm
Design SSLV
Type Standard
EAN code 85311041607
Nominal bore dimension, d 46.05mm
Nominal outside diameter, D 53.09mm ± 1.57mm
Nominal width, b 17.48mm ± 0.8mm
Nominal width of plain sleeve, b1 14.3mm ± 0.8mm
Installation distance, B (max) 25.4mm
Nominal thickness, t 0.25mm


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Additional information

Weight 0.0658 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 4.5 cm


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