Machine Condition Indicator

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Product Description

ñReliability meets affordabilityî

The SKF Machine Condition Indicator is an economical vibration sensor and temperature indicator for monitoring non-critical machines. It is ideal for machinery with constant operating conditions, which has not been previously monitored.

• Provides a simple, low cost solution to determine the basic machine health on assets not necessarily being monitored

• Frees up time to concentrate on root cause analysis or maintenance instead of problem detection

• Non-critical machine routes could be more widely spaced, e.g., every other month instead of monthly, with the Machine Condition Indicator installed and replaced by a simple, quick check of the LEDs

• Velocity measurements for general machine health

• Enveloped acceleration measurements for early detection of bearing failure

• Temperature measurements to indicate uncharacteristic heat

• Two modes of operation to address many different machine types

• Transient protection and retry algorithm to avoid false alarming

• CMSS 200 series: CMSS 200-02-SL, CMSS 200-10-SL, CMSS 200-50-SL

• Acessories: CMAC 225-10, CMAC 230-10, CMAC 230-50, CMAC231-10, CMAC231-50, CMAC 9600-01, CMAC 9600-02, CMCP 210, CMAC 240-10, CMAC 240-50, CMAC 241-10, CMAC 241-50