Grease Meter

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Product Description

ñAccurate grease quantity measurementî
The amount delivered per stroke by grease guns depends on many variables.
It is generally difficult to supply an accurate quantity of grease when manually lubricating bearings. The right amount of grease, however, is critical for the bearingsÍ service life, as over- or under-greasing can result in machine breakdown. Although a common practice is to weigh the grease per stroke, this procedure does not consider the backpressure, the ongoing wear inside the grease gun or any other variables.

Grease Meter LAGM 1000E accurately measures grease discharge in volume or weight in metric (cm3 or g) or US units (US fl. oz or oz), making conversion calculations unnecessary.

• Suitable for most NLGI 0-3 greases

• A rubber sleeve protects the electronics in case of impact and is also oil and grease resistant

• The backlit LCD displays large and clear-to-read digits

• Maximum pressure of 700 bar (10 000 psi)

• Small, compact and lightweight design

• Corrosion-free aluminium housing

• Fits with all SKF grease guns

• LAGM 1000E