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Product Description

Poor lubrication accounts for more than 36% of premature bearing failures. Include contamination, and this number rises to well above 50%. The importance of proper lubrication and cleanliness is self-evident in the determination of bearing life.

• LGMT: General Purpose industrial & Automotive

• LGEP: Extreme Pressure

• LGWA: Wide temperature, Extreme Pressure

• LGGB: Biodegradable, low toxicity

• LGBB: Wide turbine blade and yaw

• LGLT: Low temperature, extremely high speed

• LGWM1: Extreme pressure, low temperature

• LGWM2: High load, wide temperature

• LGEM: High viscosity plus solid lubricants

• LGEV: Extremely high viscosity with solid lubricants

• LGHB: EP high viscosity, high temperature

• LGHP: High performance polyurea grease

• LGET: Extreme temperature, Extreme Condition

• LGFP: General Purpose Food Grade Grease

• LGFS: General Purpose Food Grade Grease

• LGFD: High Load Food Grade Grease

• LGFC: Low Temperature Food Grade Grease

• LGFT: High Temperature Food Grade Grease

• LESA: For SKF Energy Efficient Spherical Roller Bearings

• LEGE: For SKF Energy Efficient Ball Bearings

• LMCG: Grid and Gear Coupling Grease

• LGLS: Low Temperature Chassis Grease