Food Line Y-bearing units for food and beverage applications

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Product Description

Offer the potential for a relubrication-free solution for most wet, abrasive and contaminating environments
they can withstand frequent washdowns without relubrication, SKF Food Line Y-bearing units can eliminate the need for relubrication, grease disposal and concern about environmental impact.

The new SKF Food Line Y-bearing unit range includes:

• Corrosion-resistant insert bearings

• Food-grade grease

• High-performance seals consisting of stainless steel made inserts and FDA approved rubber compound

• Effective end covers

• Two different housing materials

• Composite, strong, lightweight and chemically resistant with stainless steel lined mounting bolt holes and either a ñmoulded inî steel coil reinforced bore or a massive design

• Cast stainless steel for heavy-duty applications