Fixed Induction Heater EAZ

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Product Description

ñSafe and easy bearing removal in just 3 minutesî

The fixed size EAZ induction heaters are designed to safely and easily dismount cylindrical roller bearing inner rings, which are often mounted with a very tight interference fit.

Heating the inner ring rapidly loosens the fit, as the shaft remains cool, enabling the ring to be removed without causing damage to the shaft or inner ring. With easy-to-use fixed size EAZ induction heaters, three minutes are usually enough time to professionally dismount cylindrical roller bearing inner rings or similar components.

• EAZ series: EAZ 80/130A, EAZ 80/130B, EAZ 80/130C, EAZ 80/130D, EAZ 130/170A, EAZ 130/170B, EAZ 130/170D, EAZ 130/170E, EAZ 130/170F, EAZ 130/170G, EAZ 130/170H