Automatic Lubricator – Electro-mechanical

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Product Description

ñElectro-mechanical single point automatic lubricatorsî
The SKF TLSD series is the first choice when a simple and reliable automatic lubricator is required under variable temperatures, or when the application conditions (such as vibration, limited space or hazardous environments) require a remote mounting.

• Filled with SKF Lubricants especially developed for bearing applications

• Temperature independent dispense rate

• Maximum discharge pressure of 5 bar over the whole dispensing period

• Dispense rate available in various settings

• Transparent reservoir allows visual inspection

• Red-yellow-green LEDs indicate the lubricatorÍs status

• Refill sets include battery pack

• Special product version offering for cold conditions

• Supplied with support flange for enhanced sturdiness

• Suitable for both direct and remote installation

• TLSD series: TLSD 125/. , TLSD 250/.